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Guaranteed Savings with a Voltage Optimisation Unit. ✅

Install a Voltage Optimsation Unit (VOU) and make a guaranteed saving. One of our customers was able to save £10,565 annually by installing a VOU. 

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Receive your free comparison quote within 48hrs. Save on your business energy spend. (100% free quote, no obligation).

Yeah, what's the catch? 🤨

Ok, we know - it sounds too good to be true? Right?

A Voltage Optimisation Unit, isn’t free. But neither is your electricity. So why not save money on your electricity?

With a VOU, you will make guaranteed savings on your electricity, and you can make a ROI after just over a year or so*.

*Depends on how much electrcity you use really… massive factory? You’ll save faster. Amish bookshop? Not so fast.

What if I don't save any leccy?

I mean, weirder things have happened...

The likelihood of you saving literally no electricity, is extremely low. So low, that it’s actually impossible; that’s because we won’t even fit one if you’re not going to save anything.

You're in good hands, like really really good hands.

Delivering Excellence since 1991.

Our organisation, BDR Group, has been operating across the UK since 1991 – that’s over 32 years. 

Mostly, we’re a successful comms company, but as you can see, we rock with business energy savings too. 🤟

We hand over our quotes. 100% Free.​

Yes it’s true! It’s completely free to obtain a quote for your business. We find you better deals, and you switch. 

It’s really that easy and that straightforward.

Trusted by 1,000s worldwide.

We have over 4,000 clients spread across the globe. Some of our customers are organisations such as Boeing, the NHS and even Primark. 

Big or small, we’re here to help your business save money and achieve its goals. 🤝

But what makes us

Buying at the right time.

We forward buy for our client’s energy at the low points, in a constantly fluctuating market.

Smart tariff technology.

Your contracts are managed with custom technology, so you never fall into a high rate.

Multiple UK

We contract with 17 major energy providers, who all bring different skills and pricing.

Your questions, answered.

Yes, it really is 100% free. You’ll still have to pay for your energy still, (of course), but the comparison service is completely free. There may be additional costs associated with switching your provider.

Ok, so BDR Group and ‘Switch My Provider.co.uk’ are the same thing, let us explain:

We created Switch My Provider (SMP) to deliver a free, quick and professional energy switching service for businesses across the United Kingdom.

SMP is simply just a trading name, and you’re dealing with BDR Group. We’re a reputable company with over 32 years experience and over 4,000 customers, such as the NHS, Primark and even Boeing.

Not straight away, no… but we will it need at some point or your MPAN number + a few more details.

It’s all really easy to upload on our website, and we keep your data secure per GDPR.