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About Us.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to learn more about us.

As you might already know, we’re actually known as BDR Group, ‘Switch My Provider.co.uk’ is just a cover name, we use so we don’t confuse people with our IT services we provide.

We’re not trying to trick you, or hide anything from you, or anything like that.

BDR Group was founded in 1991, the decade of denim, rubik cubes, NWA and even more denim. It was also the decade which saw the rise of computer tech, with the World Wide Web going public in 1993.

Since our beginnings, we’ve come a long way. You’ll find everything you need to know about us on this page. For some extra info, just hit us up ‘yo’. ✌️

These beautiful people will take care of you.

At BDR Group, we have around 275 members of staff, all across the UK.

We could’ve included every single one of them, but our web designer said he ‘couldn’t be bothered’, so we’ve decided to include the people you’ll most likely have some sort of interaction with. 

Ryan Fenwick Switch My Energy Provider

Ryan Fenwick
Group Sales Manager

Tyrese Garvie Switch My Energy Provider

Tyrese Garvie
Group Head of Marketing

Toby Kadi Switch My Energy Provider

Toby Kadi
Regional Sales Manager

Dan Kite Switch My Energy Provider

Dan Kite
Enterprise Sales Manager

Megan Hadley Switch My Energy Provider

Megan Hadley
Head of Energy

Tommy Archer Switch My Energy Provider

Tommy Archer
Head of Accounts

Jordan Olukunle Switch My Energy Provider

Jordan Olukunle
Business Development Executive

Adam Sheward Switch My Energy Provider

Adam Sheward
Business Development Manager

Akhmad Iqbal Switch My Energy Provider

Akhmad Iqbal
Business Development Manager

Tim Mitchell Switch My Energy Provider

Tim Mitchell
Business Development Manager

Tom Lee Switch My Energy Provider

Tom Lee
Business Development Executive

Matthew Godden Switch My Energy Provider

Matthew Godden
Business Development Executive

Harry Meads Switch My Energy Provider

Harry Meads
Business Development Executive

Here's some fun facts about us.
Retro 90s Floppy Disk Switch My Energy Provider

BAME-Owned Business.

Our business, BDR Group was started in 1991 by Bahman Rahimi. He moved to the UK as a young man and began his journey into ICT in 1983, as a systems analyst.

Fast forward 32 years to 2023, Bahman is the CEO of a very successful ICT services business, BDR Group. 👏 

Stratford-Upon-Avon Based.

“To switch, or not to switch” is what William Shakespeare said in 1687… at least we think so.

Anyway… we’re based in Stratford-upon-Avon; it’s very posh and it’s quite boring, unless you’re a tourist that loves Shakespeare, swans and overpriced ice cream.

Our HQ isn’t our only office, though we have sites across the UK.


Grassroots to Worldwide.

We didn’t start off with a ‘small loan of $1m from daddy’ or do rounds of seed funding, we started from the bottom, and now… well now we’re here.

BDR Group went from zero to hero, it took us about 27 years, but we’re now experiencing a rapid growth of the business, allowing us to bring more value to our customers.

Slide into our DMs. 😏

Retro 90s Mobile Phone Switch My Energy Provider

Drop us a message.

What can you ask us about?

There’s no such thing as a silly question, unless it’s really silly, like “how many Fiat Multiplas can fit in a wheelie bin?” or “can I borrow your socks?” – those are really silly questions, and we’ll probably laugh under our breath and delete them.

Things you can ask us about:

  • A quote you’ve received
  • How we process your data
  • An update on your VO installation
  • Who BDR Group is
  • Our terms and conditions
  • Any of our other services
  • Career opportunities 
  • Our favourite colour (it’s purple)
  • Tommy Archer’s phone number
  • How we like our steak
  • Anything you’d like really

Your questions, answered.

Yes, it really is 100% free. You’ll have to pay for your energy still, (of course), but the comparison service is completely free.

Ok, so BDR Group and ‘Switch My Provider.co.uk’ are the same thing, let us explain:

We created Switch My Provider (SMP) to deliver a free, quick and professional energy switching service for businesses across the United Kingdom.

SMP is simply just a trading name, and you’re dealing with BDR Group. We’re a reputable company with over 32 years experience and over 4,000 customers, such as the NHS, Primark and even Boeing.

Not straight away, no… but we will it need at some point or your MPAN number + a few more details.

It’s all really easy to upload on our website, and we keep your data secure per GDPR.