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July Energy Report 2023.

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Get free access to the latest energy market report for July. This report includes detailed information and analysis from experts, about the state of the energy market. 

This 3-page document highlights key aspects, including:

• Energy Market Report
• News and Effecting Factors
• Bullish Vs Bearish Analysis


Your questions, answered.

Yes, it really is 100% free. You’ll have to pay for your energy still, (of course), but the comparison service is completely free.

Ok, so BDR Group and ‘Switch My Provider.co.uk’ are the same thing, let us explain:

We created Switch My Provider (SMP) to deliver a free, quick and professional energy switching service for businesses across the United Kingdom.

SMP is simply just a trading name, and you’re dealing with BDR Group. We’re a reputable company with over 32 years experience and over 4,000 customers, such as the NHS, Primark and even Boeing.

Not straight away, no… but we will it need at some point or your MPAN number + a few more details.

It’s all really easy to upload on our website, and we keep your data secure per GDPR.